March 2021 Special

Don't miss our march 2021 Special: free wax with any service*

*Conditions apply.

Schedule any service in March 2021 and enjoy a complimentary same-day waxing service.

| body areas |

Choose one of the following body areas:

- Armpits

- Arms (Half or Full)

- Chest (Men) with or without stomach

- Back

- Legs (Half or Full)

- Stomach with or without chest (Men)

| how it works|

After booking a treatment online, please send a text to (305) 922-7637 and your complimentary waxing service will be manually added to your booking (depending on availability). ​


- Avoid over exfoliating before waxing.

- If you have been tanning within the 48 hours of your appointment, or have any sunburn, wax cannot be performed.

- Varicose Veins: Doctors consent will be needed due to the vein being so close to the surface of the skin. Slight possibility the vein could rupture and cause bleeding.

- Cold Sores (herpes simplex) A highly contagious blister normally found around lips of mouth. Usually clears up in around 2 weeks

- Diabetes: The skin is slow to heal and may have poor circulation along with blood sugar levels may need monitoring.

- Epilepsy: As there is risk of fitting

- Haemophila Operations/Recent scar tissue– You would need to wait 6 months until you have waxing over scar tissue. This is so the natural healing process takes place as waxing could interfere with the healing process and might be more painful.

- Any contagious skin conditions due to cross infection.

- Brow microblading– wait at least 2 months

Below are listed out common products that are not safe to use while receiving waxing treatments:

- Retinol, Retin-A, retinoic acid, Hydroquinone – You must not have used Retinol, Retin-A, retinoic acid, or Hydroquinone for a week before waxing, and that is regardless of where you put it and where you want to get waxed. It affects your whole body, even if you just put it on your face! A lot of over the counter creams contain a percentage of retinol so double-check all the ingredients before you come in.

- Accutane, Roaccutane, Isotretinoin – You cannot get waxed within an entire year of being on Accutane, Roaccutane, or isotretinoin. It takes one year for this medicine to leave your body and for you to safely be waxed again.

- Steroids/Antibiotics – You must be off this medication for 3 months prior to waxing. Certain steroids and antibiotics cause the skin to become hypersensitive and can cause painful reactions to waxing.

- Chemical peels, Facials, Microdermabrasions – These services can be hard to gauge how long you should wait before being waxed due to the different types of facial services there are out there. To be on the safe side, we recommend two weeks.


Only in March 2021. If you are unable to visit Swiss Heaven Spa during this time, you can still take advantage of this offer as long as you prepay your treatment before April 2021, via Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle. This offer may be combined with any other sale, promotion, voucher, package, discount, code, coupon and/or offer.

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