Body Sense Magazine (Spring 2020 Edition)

COVID-19 has turned normalcy upside down, and most everyone is working under inordinate levels of stress as we all figure out how to navigate each new day. Because of that, this issue of Body Sense is filled not only with great content about massage and bodywork, but also has important self-care tips for staying grounded in the face of adversity and boosting your immune system. There is no doubt we have a bumpy road ahead of us in the days and weeks to come, but together the journey is a little easier.

I want to thank you for your business by sharing this complimentary issue of Body Sense magazine (Spring 2020).

In this issue, read about Immune System Support, Massage vs Bodywork & CBD Massage.

About Body Sense Magazine

Body Sense magazine is designed to educate consumers on the lasting benefits of frequent massage and bodywork and the value of good stress management. Body Sense blends features on a variety of massage therapy modalities with tips for healthy living. Readers emerge with a better understanding of bodywork. The Body Sense philosophy considers massage therapy an integral facet of a healthy lifestyle, not just an indulgence.

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