Licensed Skin Specialist & Massage Therapist

Owner of the Swiss Heaven Spa

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I am a European from Interlaken, Switzerland, a small resort town offering spectacular mountain scenery and lakefront beauty. It is located in the German-speaking part of the country, although I spent much of my childhood in French-speaking Lausanne, the International Olympic Capital.

I was lucky enough to be raised with the healthy & balanced Swiss lifestyle and benefited from the excellent education & healthcare system. Following Swiss school, I worked for two high fashion stores before traveling extensively throughout Europe, North Africa and the US, working as a model and a hostess.

I moved to the United States a couple of years ago, during which time I lived in different areas with my husband, my children and our dog: Washington DC, Boston, MA, Dallas, TX, and Fort Lauderdale/Miami, FL.

Due to my origins and my professional path, natural health care has been a significant part of my life since I was a child and beauty since I was a young adult. However, it was once I began living in Texas I was introduced to and then became heavily involved in professional massage therapy and aesthetics.

My immigration to the USA and my new responsibilities redefined my life goals and helped me take a turn towards a more rewarding career: I graduated from the Healing Hands Institute, in Richardson, TX. I have been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist under the Texas Department of State Health Services and through the Florida Department of Health.

Before building my own practice in Plano, TX, and in Coral Springs, FL, I worked for a fitness club, a luxury spa and a Country Club. Meanwhile, I also completed the Aesthetics Texas program to gain an additional skill set to benefit my valued clients, followed by the Facial Specialist License in Florida.

I am genuinely interested in helping people. I always try to tailor an excellent massage to each specific needs of my clients. I specialize in a combination of massage modali with Stretching techniques, therefore it’s more effective to relieve muscle tension or achiness but at the same time it’s very relaxing as well. The numerous and precise techniques I've learned overtime take pain and stress away to leave my clients truly refreshed and regenerated.

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